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What makes a good brand identity design?

New year, new goals, new strategies. When it comes to marketing and brand management, being up to date is vital. Caring for your brand does no longer just apply to the global market players, but effects small and medium sized businesses. It’s largely due to new communication and media channels, so news goes round at [...]

The Charity Ball

I am pleased to report that Reflection Marketing’s first ever charity ball was a huge success and that we managed to raise an amazing £3013.47 for our chosen charity – Birmingham Children’s Hospital, The Heart Appeal. The ball took place on Friday 8th October at the Lea Marston Hotel and the Reflection Marketing team all [...]

Twitter changes that will affect your Social Marketing strategy

Companies interested in Social Marketing should be aware that Twitter is going through some changes that will affect their Social Marketing strategy. Starting immediately, Twitter have rolled out a new method of authenticating users. “OAuth” is a technology that allows applications to access Twitter on your behalf with your approval without asking you directly for [...]

The Classic Over Thinker

My first blog post, which I have to admit has taken me quite a while to write and not because I haven’t wanted to or I haven’t made the time to, the reason for the delay classic over thinking. After looking at numerous blogs, I have found that in many cases what has been written [...]

You are a commodity

Let me take you on a journey to the distant past, an age before the internet. Advertisers took time on TV or radio to broadcast messages about their products and services but didn’t really know if the audience were interested in what they had to sell. Sure, they had an idea of the demographics that [...]